Siam Mandarina Hotel: A Muslim-Friendly Wedding and Event Venue

Publsihed Date : 2024-04-04

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Siam Mandarina Hotel: A Muslim-Friendly Wedding and Event Venue

To prepare a multicultural wedding venue, Siam Mandarina Hotel has appointed Araya Nikah Planner as its multicultural wedding consultant. The hotel’s staff will undergo comprehensive training to develop their skills in creating a welcoming and respectful environment that adheres to Islamic principles and ensures the highest standards for Nikah ceremonies. This initiative aims to provide families of different faiths and couples from different religions with a seamless and enjoyable experience when utilizing the hotel’s wedding facilities.

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On March 21, 2024, Siam Mandarina Hotel, led by Managing Director Mr. Pepe Arunanondchai, along with its executive team and staff, welcomed Araya Nikah Planner, a team of multicultural experts, to provide consultation. Together, they embarked on a journey to refine the hotel’s business plan and team structure, while also imparting knowledge of Islam, Muslim traditions, and multiculturalism. This comprehensive approach aims to seamlessly equip the hotel to serve Muslim clients. The hotel has outlined its preparation strategy into the following.

Mindset Preparation

Hotel staff will gain a thorough understanding of the organization’s multicultural service philosophy, including knowledge of Islam, Muslim traditions, Buddhism, Christianity, atheism, and other religions. They will also delve into the cultural norms, customs, practices, limitations, important days, and lifestyles of Muslims. This comprehensive training will empower them to design ceremonies that align with Islamic principles while also ensuring that they are Non-muslim Friendly Nikah events where guests from different faiths can participate comfortably.

Culinary Preparation

Hotel chefs and staff will receive Halal food training, including in-depth Halal food handling procedures directly from religious scholars. They will also connect with local Muslim restaurants or caterers to enhance and refine the hotel’s internal food system to meet the highest standards.

Venue Preparation

Siam Mandarina Hotel will prepare venues, including the layout, furniture, and various ceremonial equipment, to accommodate both Muslim and non-Muslim weddings. This includes setting up Halal dessert stalls and prayer rooms. The hotel has received certification from ARAYA, allowing it to host morning and evening Nikah ceremonies or private Nikah events.

Ceremony Preparation

The hotel has partnered with a team of experienced Muslim wedding planners who have been organizing Islamic weddings for over 15 years. These consultants will transform Nikah ceremonies into streamlined and seamless events that are welcoming to multicultural families and allow guests from different faiths to participate without feeling uncomfortable.

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Siam Mandarina Hotel is Located on King Kaew Road near Suvarnabhumi Airport, aims to be a premier destination for Muslim-friendly weddings and events. The hotel’s ballroom capable of accommodating 30 to 1,000 guests, the hotel offers an elegant and contemporary setting for your special occasion. All wedding events are overseen by 5-star chefs and a team of experienced professionals with over 15 years of wedding planning expertise.